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Mr. Batbayar Dugarvaj 

Mr. Batbayar Dugarvaj 

Radio owner Batbayar D holds a major in acting; he got attached to media and specifically to radio based on his own interests. Related to his interests in creative and art reading he initiated audio literature projects which turned out to be very successful. He has no affiliation in politics or business. His company places high importance on literature, joke, and drama to make the radio unique from others. The radio was the first to introduce classic literature in audio format. For instance, Altaid novel, Our school, Mongolian Secret History, and 40 hour history were produced in audio format. About 100 foreign or domestic literature pieces have been developed in audio format. In 2007, famous Mongolian novel Tungalag Tamir has been commercially produced in MP3 format on double disc format.

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Ekh Elgen Nutag LLC operates Elgen nutag FM 96, 9, and does not own any other media tool and does not run businesses in any other sectors.

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upon request, ownership data is easily available from the company/channel

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MOM questionnaire was fully answered. The radio has not website to proactively inform the public.


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